Who are we?

PaineFree Marketing is a boutique email marketing agency based in Cape Town, South Africa. 

We take inspiration from the diversity of our country, and use our experiences to find the best ways to connect with your customers — so they keep coming back for more.

Full disclosure — one of our team members is bald.

We make it eezy peezy

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Make mailing-list magic

Abracadabra —but PaineFree.

Molo mhlobo!

[That means “Hello Friend!” in Xhosa.]

Joshua Paine

Hi! I’m Josh — the guy who’ll be writing your emails. I’ve been selling my words for money since I was a teenager. I love wordplay, dad jokes, my wife and son, and teasing Matt about being bald.

Matthew Paine

Hey! I’m Matt. I’m bald — but only from the ears up. I work in visual media, with experience in animation, layout and graphic design, and music production. Oh yeah, and one REALLY bad month painting all the windows of my sister-in-laws’ housing complex. Yeesh.

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